Review of eco tools brush

Published May 16, 2012 by lizz

yatta!guess what..i’ve bought ecotools brush. So,. recommended!!
Seriously it was soft and smooth for your skin. Well done ecotools. Actually, our skin needs suitable brush. If you used the gross might coz the damage for your structure of skins. So, used the right brush. Remember, make up only surface. But the most important is healthy skin. Ah, before i forgot, i bought this brush at facebook. i’ve already ask her is that authentic? then she said it was but cheap because rejecting. yeap!it is cheap but worth!

Seriously you wont regret for anything.. i bought the 4 pieces compact set. Easy to bring. And suitable for me. I always travelling. But beauty for sure..

  • Mineral Powder Brush
  • Concealer Brush
  • Eye Shading Brush
  • Baby Kabuki

Baby kabuki are super soft. it blend well..By the way, eye shading brush are used for blending eyeshadow and mineral powder brush are super soft too. I love to used Mineral powder brush as blusher brush. so was authentic and cheap. I bought it only RM 50 include eco tools foundation brush. 4 brushes RM 30 and foundation brush only RM 20. Plus included courier. Bought it from Nico Nico Shopz on facebook. Cheap huh!! Foundation brush are not in small pack. It was like other brush.

It was soft and feel like massage your face. I had used grossly brushes and the effect is, my skin being dried. Oh no!! Seems i need to “spa s” my skin. But make sure your brush always clean. Why?of course because bacteria may jump on your skin when you always used without cleaning. Like you used towel after shower, if you never washed your towel, well get prepared for itchy skin. I’m not lied on you, but prevention much better than cured. Unless your skin guaranteed immune. =)

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